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What is Marketing Funnel?

Marketing Funnel is a process from “generating leads”(when potential client first get in touch with your service/product) to “making conversions”(when leads are ready to pay for your service/product).
Marketing Funnel also includes after sales activities to ensure retention rate and referrals.
Our marketing funnel methodology is built based on consumer journey “AARRR”,
“AARRR”stands for :

A – Acquisition

A – Activation

R – Retention

R – Referral

R – Revenue

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Why Marketing Funnel?

In general, there must be 5-8 contacts between your customer and your brand before a purchase. Only 2% of the deals are made at the first stage of contact. This is why you need a marketing funnel/sales funnel, which is a process of creating awareness of your brand when your target audience has certain needs. And then trigger their needs and interest in your service or product, ultimately you you’re your potential client to complete a purchase. However, different industries and business will need it’s own unique approach and strategies from the beginning of the marketing plan.

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How Marketing Funnel Works?

Everything starts with a market research, analyzing your business, marketing model, target audience and competitors etc. We will find out in what ways we can reach your potential customers by the most effective ways and convince them with a planned marketing funnel. Most importantly, we segment all prospect by different stage of the funnel and nurture your leads with range of customized marketing campaigns.

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