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In recent years, “Little Red Book” has become one of the most popular social apps in Mainland China and Hong Kong, with a huge number of post-90s and post-00s young users. If your company is considering entering the youth market or the Mainland market, Little Red Book marketing is an essential marketing strategy for you.

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What is”The Red Book”?

In Hong Kong, when you need to find any information, you might just ask Google. This is true whether you’re looking for food, travel destinations, beauty products, or anything else. Younger people might use Instagram’s hashtags or explore features to see more related pictures and other people’s sharings.

But in recent years, the super popular Chinese platform “Little Red Book” has become really popular among Hong Kong users too. According to data as of 2022, there are more than 200 million monthly active users on “Little Red Book”!

A lot of people even call it the Chinese version of Instagram because it’s used in a really similar way. All you have to do to use “Little Red Book” is register for an account and then you can post stuff like text, emoticons, pics, and videos. Other users can then interact with your posts by liking, commenting, collecting, and sharing.

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What content is considered high quality on Little Red Book?

Little Red Book is a social networking site that presumably gives a lot of thought to the quality of the content it hosts. Like other social media platforms, “Little Red Book” uses algorithms to detect high-quality content automatically.

However, high-quality material is typically seen as valuable, fascinating, or practical information.This could take the form of texts, pictures, videos, or other kinds of material.

Posts that usually get a lot of collections from other users often become Little Red Book’s hot push notes, which can increase the visibility of your post.

If you want to increase the chances that your content will be considered high quality and get more exposure and interaction on Little Red Book, you can try creating posts that meet the following criteria:

Original content: This could be original stories, commentary, viewpoints, or creations.

In-depth content: This type of content may provide deep perspectives or analysis and help readers better understand a topic.

Attractive content: This type of content may have visually appealing or engaging images or videos, or be interesting, funny, shocking, or moving stories.

Useful content: This type of content may provide practical information or tips, like comprehensive articles or guides.

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How can I promote through Little Red Book?

If you want to promote your products or services through Little Red Book, you can start by focusing on keyword search optimization and the platform’s recommendation mechanism.

Keyword Search Optimization
Create a whole article centred around a set of keywords, rather than covering too many topics, and distribute the keywords throughout the content. In the images, try to include themes related to the keywords as much as possible. Additionally, you can optimise based on Little Red Book’s hot search keywords, as hot searches have a very high exposure rate and can more effectively and accurately guide traffic to your brand for interaction or conversion.

Self-Media Promotion
Little Red Book is a community platform for sharing experiences and feelings, rather than an e-commerce platform that allows you to constantly place advertisements. The core value of Little Red Book is to let users write notes to share various experiences and feelings, so that other users can interact. Therefore, the content on Little Red Book should be more lifestyle-oriented rather than promotional. By using influencers or ordinary Internet users to write “種草” and “探店” style posts, you can increase the visibility of your brand and increase consumer interaction.


Some user data on Little Red Book as of 2022:

Over 200 million active users per month
6 major user categories: young people in their 90s and 00s, trendsetters, mothers, white-collar workers, single aristocrats, pleasure seekers
Female to male ratio is 7:3
Over 70% of users are post-90s

The benefits of marketing on Little Red Book:

Little Red Book will push valuable content to other users for further spreading based on factors such as the number of likes, views, and comments on a user’s post. It is because of this mechanism that some women who do not particularly want to shop will eventually develop a desire to do so after spending a long time in the Little Red Book community, as if they are being constantly recommended by their trusted confidants on good products, greatly increasing their desire to shop. There are a lot of product reviews shared by ordinary people on Little Red Book; when users have questions about a product, other people or the poster are happy to answer. It is worth noting that a high number of fans does not necessarily guarantee high interaction. On the contrary, most high-interaction notes are produced from UGC. From this, it can be seen that users are more focused on whether the content can arouse their interest.

If you also want to promote your products or services on Little Red Book, feel free to contact K.K. Marketing to help you devise an effective promotion strategy on Little Red Book.

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