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Static Website Design and Development

Your website is a platform that reflects your brand and where interact with your potential customers. Our professional website design build websites with a strong sense of user interface and user experience.

We design your website with on page optimization and search optimized from inception.


3 different categories for different needs including simple static website design, dynamic website design with CMS and E-commerce website design.

Professional website design and development makes your business great.


Static Website Design and Development

A Static Website also known as “Canned Website”, means that the website only includes the elements of wordings, photos, flash animations or sound effect etc. A Static Website design does not contain a back-end database or CMS (content management system).

And thus, there is restriction on the manipulation and function of a Static Website. A Static Website Design will be suitable for the use of publicity without frequency of change.

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Dynamic Website Design and Development

The difference between a Dynamic Website Design and a Static Website Design is that Dynamic Website contains a back-end database and a CMS (content management system), it is preferred to be functional with less limitation manipulation. Clients are able to make changes and updates on the web content through the CMS, interactive functions such as member registration, appointment system, blog etc.

Therefore you are preferred to choose dynamic website design if you have loads of content and wish to update frequently.

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E-commerce Website Design and Development

E-commerce (electronic commerce) is the activity of electronically buying or selling of products on online services or over the Internet. With a E-commerce system, you can manage your stock, change the price, make discount coupon on website.

The website becomes a 7×24 online store without any manpower and automate your business. Bring your business from local to world.

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